Kickass Kebab Skewers

There is something so rustic and primal about Kebab Skewers. Don't you feel like a caveman who should be sitting in front of a big fire while eating it? I love the simplicity of it. Throw some seasoning on your meat and chicken, cut up your veggies and fruits, put them all in separate containers and bring them along to the beach or to go camping. You immediately have a full meal ready to be cooked!
Here is my favorite take on an old classic!

Recipe for 8 skewers:
1/2 London broil steak cut up in cubes
4 small chicken fillets cut up in cubes
2 tsp salt
1.5 tsp coarse black pepper
1.5 tbsp sweet and smoky rub
1 tsp dry parsley
1 shot soy sauce
3 drops toasted sesame oil 100% pure
2 tsp liquid smoke
Stir the seasoning together in a bowl to cover all of the chicken and meat.

3 cut up bell peppers - I like one of each color
1 cut up pineapple
10 cherry tomatoes
10 Mini Portobello mushrooms

Putting them together:
I like to cover an oven pan with foil and lay my skewers there.
Mix the ingredients up as you want them! I like a nice variation of meat, veggies, fruit, mushrooms and chicken. The more meat the better! The chicken sometimes need to be folded double onto the skewer to not fall off. Try to make sure that the tomatoes are as centered as possible since they get very soft when cooked and risk to fall off.

Grill the kebab skewers on 450 F.
Turn them over after 10 minutes.
Leave them on the grill for another 5-10 minutes. It will cook quite fast since the cubes of meat and chicken are so small.