Smoked Pulled Pork Mesquite Sandwich

A 10 pound pork butt - oh boy! Whenever I cook this bad boy I have to wake up at the crack of dawn. Usually I would stay asleep for another seven hours... but it's worth it! The whole process takes about 14 hours in total. The meat comes out super juicy and tender. It falls apart like butter in your mouth. Smoking pulled pork is a fun process and a good activity for the weekend. And you can make a delicious sandwich out of it!

Ingredients for the "first round":
10 pound pork butt - put it in a deep aluminum foil tray
3/4 cup pork rub
5.5 tbsp sweet and smoky rub
2.5 tbsp dark brown sugar
Rub a thick layer on each side of the pork - cover it as best as you can!
Put it on the smoker! I personally used apple wood pellets for the first half of the process and mesquite wood pellets for the second half.

Add 1 cup of organic apple juice to a spray bottle.

After 1 hour on the smoker - Spray the pork butt with apple juice to keep it juicy.
After 2 hours - Spray it with more apple juice.
After 6 hours - Take pork butt off the smoker. Add 2 tbsp of sweet and smoky rub, 1/2 cup pork rub and 1 cup of French's yellow mustard. Cover it with a brush on both sides. Put it back on the smoker.

When the temperature of the meat reaches 160 F (you can check this with a meat thermometer) - take it off the smoker again! Rub another 1/2 cup of dark brown sugar on the top and spray more apple juice on it. Wrap it up in foil and put it back on the smoker.

After 12 hours - Leave the pork butt on the smoker and lather it with a mix of French's yellow mustard and some Hickory Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce. Then spray it with more apple juice.

After 13 hours - Towards the end you can put the pork butt on the BBQ setting for 10 minutes (350 F) if you have a built in BBQ or a BBQ available. If not, then just take it off the smoker. You want the internal temperature to be 190 F. Let it rest for 1 hour. The big test is to see if the pork easily pulls apart from the bone or not!

Hawaiian style bun. I like adding a layer of mayo on first.
Pull the pork apart and add as much as you can on the bun. For more flavor - dunk the meat at the bottom of the tray to soak up some of the apple juice and fat.
Add some sliced red onion and pickle strips.
Then add a mix of Jack Daniel's Hickory BBQ sauce with French's Yellow Mustard. Mix it together in a small bowl and drizzle it on top of your sandwich. Make a beautiful mess out of it!

Bonus tip!
If you have a large quantity of pork left over and you want to freeze it - but don't want it to dry out. Here's a good tip! Pull it all apart first. Then add a couple of tablespoons of pork rub in there. Also blend a bit of Jack Daniel's BBQ sauce, apple juice and French's Yellow Mustard in there to make sure that it's juicy when you put it in the freezer.