Spicy Buffalo Chicken Burger with House Cut Fries

Not to toot my horn but... this is hands down the best Spicy Buffalo Chicken Burger that I have ever had. All of the ingredients are on par and kicking ass. The flavors are on fire and it's simply perfection. If you look at the recipe you'll see how very few ingredients you actually need to create such a masterpiece. You guys have got to do this. Please don't miss out! And making your own homemade fries is so easy and much better than buying them at a fast food place. Every burger needs a handful of delicious fries next to it, so what are you waiting for!?

You will need one chicken breast.
Start off by rounding your chicken. What I mean by that is that you use a knife to shape it so that it will fit the rounder shape of the bun better. Trim off the fat and work your way around it. You can get use the left overs for something else so don't throw it away! Cut some slits on the top of the chicken breast to help the seasoning and dry rub to sink into the meat.

Dry rub:
2 tsp chicken rub
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp dry parsley
1/2 tsp garlic powder & red pepper flakes combined
Rub it all around the chicken - rub it and love it!

Pour 1 cup of Frank's Red Hot Buffalo style sauce in a bowl.
Add 1 tsp of Chipotle Tabasco sauce in there.
Mix it together. Brush quite a bit of this mix over the chicken breast. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes to let the flavors blend together.

BBQ on high heat for 8 minutes, then flip it and turn the BBQ to a low heat setting.
After two more minutes - hit the chicken with another layer of the sauce.
After 18 minutes - take it off.

House cut fries:
It is very easy to make your own fries at home! Plus it tastes better than fast food fries.
1 Russet potato is equivalent of a serving for one person. So the more guests you have - the more potatoes you need to use! Rub and scrub the potatoes well. Peel if you feel like it. Although the skin contains a lot of protein. Cut them up in desired size, as long as they are even!

Use a deep fryer or heat up some oil to 375 F in a pot or pan. You can use corn oil, soy bean oil or peanut oil. Take them out when they are golden and hit them with garlic salt immediately - it's delicious!

Putting your burger together:
1 hamburger bun.
Swirl some ranch dressing on the bun.
Add the chicken pattie.
1 tomato slice
A couple of sliced of red onion
A slice of Pepper Jack cheese - this compliments a Spicy Buffalo Chicken burger very well
1 slice of butter lettuce.
Top of the bun.

And don't forget to add your House Cut Fries on the side! Yum!