Tequila Lime Chicken Wings w. Celery & Carrot Sticks

Want an easy quick fix for your last minute party? Here it is! This takes no time but is always a hit with my guests. Triple the recipe and you'll have a bunch of delicious chicken wings to serve in no time. They sure have a kick to them. Add some carrots and celery sticks with a ranch dip on the side and you've got a whole meal that is a little healthier but also looks great when you serve it! The vegetables also help turn down the heat that you get from the chicken.

Dry rub:
9 chicken wings (poke them with a knife to make little holes, to get the marinade to sink in)
2 tbsp chili powder
2.5 tsp sweet and smoky rub
2.5 tsp dry parsley
4 tsp tajin
Rub the seasoning into the chicken.

Put the chicken in an aluminum foil container and add the wet ingredients:
1/2 cup lime juice
3 shots of silver Tequila
2 tbsp Chipotle tabasco sauce
1 shot Frank's Buffalo red hot sauce
Mix the marinade well into the chicken.

Side cart marinade:
1 shot lime juice
1 shot Chipotle tabasco sauce
1/2 shot silver Tequila
Mix it together in a small bowl.

Grill the chicken on 375 F for 25 minutes. Brush on a layer of the side cart marinade twice during that time. Flip the chicken halfway through the process.